The graphics card drivers may have known issues with a certain application. An attempt was made to close the process.stdout stream. By design, Node.js does not allow stdout or stderr streams to be closed by user code. An attempt was made to close the process.stderr stream. In Node.js versions prior to v15.0.0, the error code being used here wasERR_MISSING_MESSAGE_PORT_IN_TRANSFER_LIST. However, the set of transferable object types has been expanded to cover more types thanMessagePort.

  • In fact, heat can be such a problem with regards to computers being ruined that many systems are designed to crash as a last resort to prevent permanent damage.
  • The command prompt, type the command “sfc /scannow” and then press Enter to continue.
  • These usually occur when an application violates an operating system constraint.

If big corporations do not have good security systems in place they can become susceptible to these kinds of attacks and even get sensitive data leaked online if they do not pay huge sums of money in cryptocurrency. Corrupted system files are a frequent symptom of a computer that’s too overburdened to work properly. This is where AVG TuneUp comes in — it’s an all-in-one performance optimizer that helps your computer make the most out of its available CPU power, memory, and storage space. After the DISM scan is complete, restart your computer and try the SFC again. Allow the DISM tool to finish working before you close the Command Prompt window. If your computer’s power supply is unexpectedly cut off — if you unplug your desktop, or if your laptop’s battery dies — you may later discover that some of your files have been corrupted.


It may take several seconds to several minutes to scan your drive. If the check disk tool finds significant errors, the operation will take longer to fix those. It will provide you a report of the errors it could not fix at the end of its run. Windows errors are quiet common and there is no need to freak out unless it harms your data.

The tool is called “scanreg,” and it is run in the Windows command prompt. The software scans each key in the registry and attempts to fix any errors. If the hard disk is corrupted in the location where the Windows registry is saved, scanreg alerts you and moves the files to a safer location on the drive.

The Configuration Registry Database Is Corrupted

Madeline Anderson’s documentary brings viewers to the front lines of the civil rights movement during the 1969 Charleston hospital workers’ strike, when black female workers marched for fair pay and union recognition. Participating in the strike were such notable figures as Coretta Scott King, Ralph Abernathy and Andrew Young, all affiliated with Martin Luther King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Grab a USB drive, back up your documents, music, pictures, videos, and everything else that you don’t want to lose and find the official installation medium of Windows 10. Let the installer wipe out your entire system partition and complete the installation procedure.

CHKDSK verifies that each security descriptor structure is well formed and is internally consistent. CHKDSK does not verify the actual existence of the users or groups that are listed or the appropriateness of the permissions that are granted. During its third pass, CHKDSK displays a message that tells you that CHKDSK is verifying security descriptors and, for the third time, displays “percent completed,” counting from 0 to 100 percent. During this phase, CHKDSK examines each security descriptor that is associated with files or directories that are on the volume.

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